NANO4 technologies for design and functional glass surface coating will transform ordinary glass into an exclusive product.

Our corporation pursues application of ultrathin layers onto glass surfaces for versatile use in architecture, decorative or automotive industries.

Using combination of materials and layers, we are able to achieve the required surface quality and completely change its key characteristics.

  • Pure metals coating – Titanium, Zirconium , Silver, copper, aluminum etc.
  • Compounds coating for exceptional effects and physical characteristics – TiN, TiNOx, TiOx ZrOx, ZrN etc.

Area of use:

  • Mirrors – both classic as well as colored within the required color range
  • Semi-transparent mirrors for visible and IR radiation - spy mirrors and mirrors permeable for light, reflecting thermal radiation at the same time
  • Production of metal surfaces for design and artistic purposes
  • Production of colored surfaces with metal or mirror effects
  • Imitation of gold, bronze, pearly surfaces
  • Scratch-proof layers
  • Layers with defined surface tension for better - or eliminating - surface wettability.
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